A Cross-Platform Dracula Conference

First congress: 17-19 October 2018 in Brasov

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How the idea developed

In September 2016, Florin Nechita, Lecturer for Marketing, Advertising and Branding at the Transilvania University of Brașov, invited Dracula expert, researcher and author Hans Corneel de Roos to have the next World Dracula Congress hosted at his university. This series of symposia had been staged by the Transylvanian Society of Dracula since 1995; Hans was the initiator of the Fourth World Dracula Congress held at Trinity College Dublin in October 2016. 


For photos of the Dublin Conference, click here.


However, during the Dublin event, it was announced that the Romanian TSD branch, in whose name the conference was held, would become a part of the US-Canadian chapter, thus leaving Europe without an effective conference organization. 


Hans de Roos and Film Specialist Dr. Magdalena Grabias, the organizers of the Dublin conference, promptly proposed the creation of a new international series of Dracula conferences, to be supported by the foremost scholars in the field, independent of their academic affiliations. The idea was discussed with the conference participants, whose enthusiastic response encouraged Hans and Magdalena to form a brand new initiative group: The Children of the Night.


This new interdisciplinary conference series were then scheduled to be held every second year in Brașov, in the centre of Romania – thanks to the support of Dr. Florin Nechita. Dr. Marcia Heloisa, translator of the Brazilian editions of Dracula and Power of Darkness, also joined the scientific committee, making our group truly intercontinental.


By now, our conference proposal has received the support of the Faculty of Letters, the Department of Tourism Studies and the Departments of Ethnology, Folklore and Music and the rooms have officially been booked already.



Date of the first Conference: 17-19 October 2018, parallel to the Dracula Film Festival in Brașov.


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A conference series organised by the foremost scholars in the field of Gothic Studies