Artistic Competitions

Nancy Schumann and Sharon Spendley, winners of the Gothic Costume Contest Dublin 2016
Nancy Schumann and Sharon Spendley (centre), winners of the Gothic Costume Contest Dublin 2016


Awards will be granted by an independent jury of conference particpants, in the various categories listed below.

Gothic Costume

In Dublin 2016, we had a competition for the best Gothic costume. A similar competition will be staged in Brașov.

Jet Noir for DOLLHOUSE Magazine
Jet Noir for DOLLHOUSE

Gothic Fiction

A second competion will be held to select the best stort story that modifies the Dracula plot in an original way.

Bram Stoker's DRACULA
Bram Stoker's DRACULA

Vamp Cupcakes

Creating cupcakes in vampire style is an art for itself, and we are curious to see the best results from your kitchen!

Vampire cupcakes
Vampire cupcakes